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Students, Know More!

Looking to make a career in the Fashion industry? Need inputs on various courses and institutes? Does your choice of course match your skill set?

An interactive session and assessment of the responses given to a brief questionnaire will answer all the questions. Deciding on the right Career is a serious matter. Only if someone could tell the worth before spending that kind of time and money! Does the skill set match with what it takes to be successful in this Industry?

It’s worth taking a professional advice to save those many years and huge amount of hard earned money spent on joining a fashion oriented course and regretting later on. At Career Genii, we help you and your parents understand what this industry is all about and what future prospects it offers.

Courses and Institutes - Most student counselors of Fashion Institutes focus on filling the seats in a particular course. We are often approached by professionals who are not happy with what they learn during the course as they were looking for something else. Career Genii will give transparent inputs on everything related to this.

Please call for an appointment at our office.

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